Our Consulting Services

    • Bring color and energy into your environment
    • Make your environment more interesting and alive
    • Shape and personalize your space
    • Accent the best architectural features and draw your eye away from lesser ones
    • Create a flow of color…traditional or ultra modern
    • Create a mood…neutral and serene or saturated and exciting
    • Listen to your ideas and discuss various options
    • Tell you my ideas of what will work best for the project
    • Discuss how colors, lighting and finishes work together
    • Organize you to do your own painting if you choose
    • Recommend reliable contractors and craftsmen
    • A paint palette coordinating with your existing furniture, carpet, window coverings
    • Remodeling assistance and room redesign
    • Help choosing bathroom or kitchen flooring, countertops, cabinets, tile, lighting
    • Prepare homes for sale
    • Project management
    • A paint palette coordinating with existing roof, hardscape, landscape
    • Help selecting new roofing, paving, stonework, windows, doors
    • Curb appeal ideas
    • Online consultations and colored elevations
    • Project management

What our clients have to say about Cass Morris Color And Design

Testimonial by Claire P. and Giles G.
"Cass has an eye that sees instinctually which tones and colors compliment each other. We picked stunning, bold colors for my 4,300 square foot house that is stuccoed Mediterranean on the outside and WOW in the inside. I have strong opinions about colors and experience in decorating my own houses, but Cass speeded up the process by tenfold."
Claire P. and Giles G.
Testimonial by Stan & Judi T.
“We have a house of contemporary design and it has always been painted entirely white. Cass encouraged us to take the risk of experimenting with color, but with her help there was no risk! Our home is so much warmer, interesting and relaxing and all of our visitors inevitably compliment our color scheme.”
Stan & Judi T.
Testimonial by Kathy Rogers, principal architect at Sogno Design Group
“I have been referring Cass to my clients for color consulting for 7 years. I have been continually impressed by her ability to suggest colors that complement the architecture and my clients’ personal preferences, no matter the style of the project. Working with Cass takes the stress out of this part of the design process because she comes up with such pleasing color palettes and clients save money by avoiding paying for too many samples. I highly recommend her!”
Kathy Rogers, principal architect at Sogno Design Group

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1924 Craftsman, Photo by Cass Morris